Who's Who

Tony Dawson
Mark Evans
Media Officer
Club President
Shaun Miles
Scott Whitney

Tony is originally from Oldham, Manchester. He has always been a performer being a child actor on various TV shows. Tony then joined the British Army, his childhood goal, and has had a fulfilling career serving for 22 years. Now with the time for Tony to leave the military upon him Tony is back into acting and magic proving that if you love the job you are in you will never work a day in your life.

Scott performs close up magic with a confident experienced delivery.He is adept at performing with cards, coins, rings and many other items. Scott will not only amaze spectators with sleight of hand but read minds too.

Mark is available for almost any occasion, from weddings to private birthday parties (adults parties only). Mark specialises in mentalism effectsbut has a good set of skills in card magic, coin magic, and levitation magic, all mixed with good humour and a relaxed feel. 

Shaun Miles was the winner of 3SM's Close Up competition 2014-2015 and 2016-2017

Darren Pearce

The Winner of several awards and competitions within 3SM, Darren is a great performer and skilled within his art. Darren is a close up magician who is adept both with cards and with mentalism. 

Mick Dickerson

Mick, the junior of the Dickerson's is an experienced magician who performs a variety of close up and stage magic. Mick is guaranteed to bring a laugh and a smile to the spectator's faces.

Ian Brennan

Ian Brennan, Sophisticated Magic, is available for hire for weddings and private functions. He performs a wide range of close up illusions with a relaxed and fun style. Ian is also a member of The Magic Circle and co-hosts the Magician's Advice Podcast.

Paul Evans

Paul is a modern magician who enjoys telling a story with his magic. Paul performs at private functions and Amazes with his storytelling an impossible effects.

Jimmy Carlo
Jim Dickerson

Jimmy Carlo is a multi award winning magician including UK Champion of Comedy Magic, three time IBM award winner and also represented the UK in the international Slapstick awards in Germany. 

Jim is a very experienced magician who brings humour to all his effects. Jim has honed his skills over many  years in magic and continues to perform and astound audiences.

Emlyn Hudson

Emlyn Hudson is 'Hudwinked' specialising in close up magic for all your entertainment needs.

Paul Matthews

Paul has won a number of our club awards and accolades even winning the President's award in 2017

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