What's On

August 5th   Summer Jam.  An informal night during the 'summer holidays' - nothing to do with strawberry jam.

August 19th  Summer JamAn informal night during the 'summer holidays' - nothing to do with raspberry jam.

September 2nd   Guest Lecture. Etienne Pradier. Visiting Magicians Welcome. Door Charge of £10

September 16th  Bar Bets. Members only.

September 30th  Tricks From Our Favourites.

October 14th   Parlour Competition. Visitors welcome - no  charge.

October 28th   Spooky and bizarre magic. Members only.

November 11th Guest Lecture. Joel Dickinson. Visiting Magicians Welcome. Door Charge of £10.

November 25th Stage Competition. Visitors welcome - no  charge.

December 9th Show discussion and general jam Members only.

January 6th Fool Us!  

January 13th Stage Show meet up. Focus on the stage show. Bring as much info about your act as possible. Bring your music. Full walk through and planning out.

January 20th Stage Show first look. Members only

January 31st Stage Show. Tickets available to purchase. Tickets £10 each,  available from Mark Evans. tickets3SM@outlook.com

February 1st Stage Show. Tickets Available to Purchase. Tickets £10 each, available from Mark Evans. tickets3SM@outlook.com

February 3rd  Post Show debrief. informal discussion, feedback and sharing. Followed by a jam session.

February 17th Jam Session (Post Blackpool Weekend)

March 2nd Mentalism.

March 16th Pull My Wand Competition. In house challenge the champion competition. Members only.

March 30th Guest Lecture. Steve Gore. Visitors Welcome Door charge of £10

April 20th Pocket Tricks. In house competition. Members only.

May 4th Money and Rope.

May 18th Table Top sale / swap night.

June 1st Close Up Competition. Guests welcome. No charge.

June 15th Jam Session. Close Up Competition Sharing. Members Only.

June 29th Guest Lecture. Vinny Sagoo. Visitors welcome. Door Charge of £10  

July 13th AGM Members only

July 27th Social Night Out Members only

August 10th Jam Session.(See top of page for reference to preservatives.)


August 24th Jam Session. As  above.

COVID-19 Update

Due to COVID 19 all physical meetings are suspended for the time being. Meetings will take place via Zoom. For any help setting up Zoom please check out our private Facebook group or contact Tony direct.